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Communication and productivity is one area that can be troublesome for nonprofit organizations. Keeping track of email accounts, telephone numbers and other information and files can be near impossible as your staff and volunteers use a mish-mash of personal accounts and devices combined with those assigned by your organization. Even if your setup works for those within your organization, do those individuals and entities you interact with feel the same way?

A streamlined and efficient communication and productivity system will let everyone working with your nonprofit exchange ideas and information faster. It will also appear more professional to those people outside your organization as they will be able to contact who they are looking for at the first time of asking.

Equally as important, RoundTable Technology can help reduce the costs associated with staying in touch with remote staff. You’ll no longer be burdened with the high costs for long distance calling or travel expenses. We can show you how a VoIP telephony solution can allow you to enjoy access to tools like video conferencing, toll-free numbers and automated receptionists.

There is more to communication and productivity than just telephones. Email plays a big role in the day-to-day operations of nearly every organization. Of course, you are rarely sending that email alone. Normally there are files attached that need to be reviewed and edited. This can lead to long back and forth exchanges that eat up valuable time that could be spent elsewhere.

RoundTable Technology can show you how Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps can help you with documents, spreadsheets and other applications that can be edited by anyone at anytime. This collaboration will improve productivity for your nonprofit, giving staff and volunteers a chance to better utilize their time.

Our communication and productivity solutions include:

VOIP Telephony
Microsoft Office 365
Google Apps

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