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1 min read

Don’t be Lulled into a False Sense of Insecurity

Ransomware attacks to critical infrastructure have been all over the headlines. The Colonial Pipeline attack stopped gas transport and caused shortages across the East Coast. Next it was the meatpacking industry. Now we’ve learned that the Colonial...

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2 min read

Before Committing to a New VoIP System…

There comes a time when every organization needs to invest in a phone system: you’re buying a new phone system for a new location, upgrading from an older system or adjusting to a new normal with a distributed workforce. Regardless of the reason, you...

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1 min read

Tech Tools for Work-from-Home Workflows

This is a segment from “RoundTable’s Holiday Q&A Giveaway” where a team of experts answered real world technology-related questions from nonprofit staff.

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