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We Want Your Feedback!

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A Message from Our CEO

It’s easy to be skeptical when you hear “Your feedback is very important to us.” Is it? How do you know that your feedback makes a difference, and where does that feedback even go? Who sees it, and what do they do with it? It seems like customer comments just go into a black hole of nothingness most of the time, so why bother providing it? I know that I’ve asked myself that same question many times, but I wanted to take a moment to share how RoundTable is different. Good or bad, we really want your feedback - and lots of it!

One of RoundTable’s Core Values is “Continuous Improvement and Adaptability.” We always want to be learning and improving, and your comments and suggestions are one of the main ways that we live that core value. Here are some examples of how we collect feedback from you, and what we do with it:

  • Every client has a dedicated Client Success Manager that has monthly (or even weekly!) check-ins. This is your direct line to discuss what’s going on, strategically plan, and share any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Every ticket that we close and every project that we complete sends a brief feedback request via email to the person the work was performed for. The entire leadership team of RoundTable reviews and discusses the responses weekly in our team meeting and takes action accordingly. In addition, every negative (or even neutral) survey response gets an immediate phone call from our Client Concierge to make it right - right away.
  • Speaking of our Client Concierge, he also makes regular check-in phone calls to every client to make sure that they’re happy with our services and to receive feedback on our overall performance and the performance of their Client Success Manager. Sometimes you just need someone else to talk to, and this check-in provides all of our clients with that opportunity.
  • Finally, clients can email or call any one of our leaders (including me!) any time - day or night to let us know what’s on your mind.

We love hearing great things about our team and the work that we do, but we’re also not afraid to get critical feedback. In fact, some of the biggest improvements that we’ve made have been the direct result of difficult feedback that you have cared enough to take the time to share with us. We look at the relationships that we have with our clients as a long-term partnership, and we can’t improve if you don’t let us know what you’d like to see more or less of from us.

So please, keep that feedback coming! We really do love hearing from you.

Many thanks,

Evan Desjardins

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