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Fill resource gaps and empower your internal IT staff to better support your organization's mission.
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Complementing Your Capabilities

Our Co-Managed IT Support Plan enables organizations that have an in-house IT staff to supplement their in-house resources with expertise from our staff. With decades of nonprofit technology experience and supporting thousands of nonprofits over the years, we've seen it all.

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Enhanced Productivity

With a co-managed approach, IT support is available 24x7 for your in-house staff, even if more senior team members are on vacation or taking sick leave
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Specialized Experience

With Co-Managed IT, you have access to a large pool of IT knowledge, with decades of experience servicing nonprofit organizations


Scale your organization quickly and easily with Co-Managed support, which allows you to scale up your needs as you grow or as needs change
increased security

Increased Security

Reduce the burden on in-house staff of having to stay abreast of emerging IT security threats, and get access to best-in class technology solutions and tools

Why You Might Need Co-Managed IT

Lack of Bandwidth

Routine tasks consume your staff, leaving little time for larger strategy, and leaving your staff overwhelmed. Co-Managed IT can offer additional resources to work in tandem with your existing IT staff, alleviating the burden on your team.

Specialized Capabilities

Your team has solid IT skills and a well-run help desk, but you need experts for projects, cybersecurity, cloud, or compliance related issues. Co-Managed IT can bridge the gap by providing access to a team of experts with a wide range of specialized skills and knowledge.

Staffing Challenges

Keep your internal team from getting overloaded, stressed, or burned out. With Co-Managed IT you can avoid the cycle of hiring, onboarding, training, upskilling, and retaining talent. You get continuous IT support and expertise, regardless of staffing fluctuations or unexpected departures.

Digital Transformation

Keep up with new technologies and transform your IT operations without starting from the ground up. Co-Managed IT can offer the strategic guidance and technical support needed to navigate the complexities of implementing and optimizing new technologies.

What Does Co-Managed IT Include?

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Always Prepared

Elevate your internal IT capabilities with Co-Managed IT. We proactively monitor and maintain your systems, ensuring that they are operating smoothly and that potential issues are preemptively identified and resolved, keeping your organization running without interruption.

empowering your team

Empowering Your Team

Our Co-Managed Support service acts as a force multiplier for your internal team, providing access to additional expertise and resources that help your IT professionals tackle more complex challenges and projects efficiently, keeping your mission on track.

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Strategic Tech Partners

Leverage our extensive experience in technology management to supplement your internal team's skills, ensuring that your organization's technology strategy is not only current, but also future-proof and aligned with your organization's objectives.

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Enhancing Your Staff Experience

Our support services seamlessly integrate with your internal team, offering an additional layer of help and expertise that ensures all members of your organization receive quick and effective solutions.

improving digital resilience

Improving Digital

Enhance your organization's digital resilience with our security and backup services, providing your internal IT team with advanced tools and expertise to protect against cyber threats and ensure data integrity.


Training & Education for
Your Staff

Empower your internal IT team and other staff members with our training and education services, providing them access to the latest IT knowledge and best practices, enabling them to stay ahead.



were all about nonprofits


We Are All About Nonprofits

Our team is driven by a deep passion for nonprofits and a commitment to those who serve. Your nonprofit has an important mission with a unique set of challenges, and we understand all aspects of that, including your budget cycles, board approvals, and compliance requirements. We seek to help you leverage technology to close your resource gaps and amplify your impact and efficiency. Our expertise extends to navigating the landscape of nonprofit discounts, free licenses, and grants, ensuring you have access to the best resources available. 

People Centric

Technology and change can both be difficult. Our approach to both is anchored in empathy, ensuring we meet you exactly where you are and help guide you towards your goals. We tailor your technology to your mission using approachable, jargon-free communication that prioritizes your understanding and comfort. New technology solutions are rolled out with an approach centered around change management, helping to increase adoption and alleviate frustration. Above all, our success is not measured by traditional SLAs, but by your satisfaction and happiness.

people centric


simple pricing predictable budgeting


Simple Pricing, Predictable Budgeting

We recognize you need straightforward pricing and predictable monthly invoices, and the ability to quickly understand how future staffing changes will impact your budget. Any additional work requested is quoted as a fixed bid project, that we aim to deliver on time and on budget, so you’re not blindsided by unforeseen expenses. This approach is designed to seamlessly scale with your nonprofit, allowing your technology to grow in tandem with your organization's expansion.

Cybersecurity Included

We are firmly committed to the principle that cybersecurity and data protection should be accessible to everyone, which is why your Managed IT Support plan includes comprehensive cybersecurity as a standard, integrated service, not as a costly add-on. This ensures you never have to make a choice around robust protection that safeguards your data, your people, and your donations. 



Learners and Educators


Learners & Educators

We place a high value on learning and education. Which is why we contribute extensively to our library of regular free webinars, workshops, and other useful content that is designed to help your nonprofit navigate the evolving digital landscape. We help get you up-to-date on the newest innovations and stay ahead of the technological curve. Whether it’s learning how to use new tools to help your nonprofit do more with less, or just keeping up with the newest cybersecurity threats and how to defend against them, our team of specialized experts will deliver engaging, digestible information that you can use to impact your mission and your communities.  


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