Cybersecurity Nuggets with Tater and Stache

Tater and Stache - Edgar Allen Poe-tato (Evil Twin Wifi)

In this episode, Tater and Stache discuss an extra spooky method of stealing your data through a Man-in-the-Middle Attack, where a WiFi network pretends to be a trusted one, but in actuality a hacker has set it up and is using it to steal passwords, social security numbers, and more.

New Episode — Phish and Chips

In this episode Tater and Stache look at an increasingly common form of phishing, known as spoofing. This is where an email appears to come from a colleague — likely an Executive Director or Chief Officer — and urgently asks you to perform the action. They talk about the importance of slowing down and doing one of the most effective cybersecurity practices of all: VERIFICATION.

Episode 3 — Authenti-tater!

In this episode, Tater and Stache talk about one of the most important things you can do to put cyber criminals out of business — multi-factor authentication, also known as MFA. With the numbers of breaches continuing to rise, not having MFA is akin to keeping your door open to cyber criminals.

Episode 2 — Veri-fry!

In this episode, Tater and Stache talk about the most important word in cybersecurity: Verify! Share the video with your staff — your whole organization benefits when everyone knows to verify before acting. Be sure to watch all the way to end for the first Tater & Stache outtake!

Episode 1 — All My Spuds in One Basket

In their latest episode, Tater and Stache talk about the importance of using a password manager, so that all your passwords are unique and not written on post-its!

Quick Tater & Stache FAQ:

Who the heck are Tater & Stache?
Tater is Destiny Bowers, vCISO / Cloud
Stache is Joshua Peskay, vCIO / Cybersecurity

Why Tater & Stache?
Because Cybersecurity can be really boring! Destiny and Joshua have worked very hard over the years to make cybersecurity awareness accessible and fun. This is their latest effort.

How can I watch Tater & Stache Videos?
Subscribe to the RoundTable Technology Newsletter. Every newsletter will include a new Tater & Stache video!

Can I submit a question to Tater & Stache?
We’d love that! Email [email protected] with your question. We guarantee at least one potato pun with every answer!

I’ve heard Tater & Stache have a theme song. Is that true?
Don’t be ridiculous!

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