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Do Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce Backup My Data Automatically?

Here’s something we hear a lot, "We use Gmail so we don't need to worry about backing up our email".

Not quite.

It is a common misconception that all your data is safe because it is "in the cloud.” The reality can be quite different and you can be very unhappy when something does happen to your data and you suddenly realize they don't have the backup you thought you did.

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Data backups in general are one of the most important ways to secure your business from natural disasters and cyberattacks. In the event of a system failure or say a ransomware attack, the ability to recover from and not have to worry about your data getting lost or deleted can literally be a lifesaver.

Most organizations are all too aware of their dependence on good data for daily operations, and in many cases, your data is critical not only to your operations but to your reputation and your revenue. However, this idea that SaaS (software as a service) applications automatically backup and store the backups of your data indefinitely can be extremely dangerous.

What would happen to your organization if you lost two weeks' worth of email? What if you got locked out of your email for a day? What about a week? Or a month?

Google Workspace, Office 365, Salesforce, and other SaaS-based email applications are still vulnerable to cyber attacks, user errors, and other threats that can cause data loss or result in one or more of your people getting locked out of your accounts. While these companies do typically have some built-in data protection, in most cases it is limited in scope and may be time-consuming or difficult to invoke when needed.

Layering on a SaaS backup service such as Datto is simple and inexpensive and gives you the peace of mind knowing that your data is completely safe and secure, allowing for regular and automatic backups and easy restorations so you will be able to restore data with ease if anything should happen. Datto specifically scans for threats and backs up your critical data continuously.

What next?

Do your research.

If you aren't sure if your SaaS data is being securely backed up, find out. Talk to your IT department and reach out to your account managers. Trust us, it's much easier to do a little work now than to find out that you're not ready when the unexpected happens.

If you'd like someone from RoundTable to walk you through what you should look for and discuss SaaS backup options with you, schedule a 15-minute discovery call with us or a 30-minute Cybersecurity Assessment.

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