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4 min read

Building Data Ethics into Data Management - The Bright Side of Scary

This article was written co-operatively by RoundTable Technology's Kim Snyder and LA Tech4Good's Rachel Whaley.

Yes, there are a few looming, scary reasons why nonprofit professionals are rethinking their relationship with their own data. The first is...

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2 min read

Do Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce Backup My Data Automatically?

Here’s something we hear a lot, "We use Gmail so we don't need to worry about backing up our email".

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2 min read

Data Maturity Model – A Roadmap for Success

Over the last twenty years, several complementary trends have revolutionized the role of data in nonprofit organizations.

  1. The exponential growth of computing power,
  2. the ready availability of customizable databases,
  3. the accessibility of cloud-based data...
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