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3 min read

What are the goals of ethical hacking?

"Ethical hacking" sometimes known as "white hat hacking" is similar in process to malicious hacking, but is 100% legal. People who engage in ethical hacking do so in order to test the weaknesses of an organization or tool. They are given permission in...

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3 min read

Types of Penetration Testing

To start off we need to define penetration testing. What is it?

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2 min read

3 Ways Your Organization May Be At Risk Of CyberAttack

Your staff are instrumental when it comes to protecting your organization from cyberthreats. But they can also become targets for hackers and cybercriminals, and they might not know it. Here are three ways your staff may be at risk of endangering your...

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1 min read

What do Cybersecurity and Swiss Cheese have in common?

Watch this video to learn what pieces of Swiss cheese can teach us about cybersecurity protection.

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4 min read

What About Cyber Liability Insurance?

One the questions we get often at RoundTable is from organizations asking whether they should get cyber liability coverage and, if so, what they should look for in cyber liability coverage.

This post is meant to provide as clear of a response as we can...

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